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Take a universal approach to data management with GIS

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The study of geographic information for specific locations

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Iraq Election by GIS

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Tigris′s flooding caused displacement 5000 family in Tikrit

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The oldest map in the world was placed in IRAQ by BABYLONIAN before 4000 years.

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Atlas helped the Ministry of Education setup GIS and remote sensing centers

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CommScope Distributor in Iraq

Atlas now the official distributor of CommScope in Iraq, CommScope is a global leader in connectivity solutions for communications networks. We provide infrastructure solutions for wireless networks, business enterprises, residential broadband and carrier wireline networks., CommScope serves as the behind-the-scenes connection to help the world communicate at work, at home and on the go.

At Home: It’s a high-bandwidth world. Network operators face an escalating demand for digital voice, high-speed data, and high-definition video, as well as new technologies like fiber to the home and 3D TV.

At Work: It’s an intelligent world. High-speed networking, cloud computing, data center consolidation, and in-building wireless coverage are transforming the way businesses and public entities operate.

On the Go: It’s a wireless world. People want to connect anywhere, anytime, everywhere—all the time—including residents of some countries who are enjoying access to wireless communication for the first time.

By committing to integrity, innovation, quality and performance and building these values into every CommScope solution, we give our customers the power to help their customers communicate where, when and how they choose.


ArcGIS now is Online

Create interactive maps and apps and share them with the rest of your organization. Realize new opportunities and gain insight into your data. Do this quickly and easily with nothing to install or setup Read More

Through the ArcGIS Online you can explore iraq maps which they done by ArcMap and shared through ArcGIS Online and also ArcGIS Online provide the necessary tools to create your own map without need to install or setup

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